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Research Opportunities in Cuba, Fall and Winter 2011

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New DVD and eBook, Basic Snare Drum Technique, now available!

Chuck Silverman Hand Technique Video Preview from Reel Life Pictures on Vimeo.

Samples from the eBook

Table of Contents.pdf
Description of Downstroke.pdf
Richard Wilson Style Exercise.pdf

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Basic Hand TechniqueThis is my new DVD and eBook which demonstrates the teachings of my two Snare Technique teachers, Richard Wilson and Murray Spivack. There's just not enough information out there about these two Masters of snare drum technique. I very humbly give my take on their instruction which has influenced me and, I hope, many of my students.


  • Divided into Four Chapters
  • One hour Forty Minutes in length
  • Available as a Digital Download

The eBook describes in detail the inner workings of the Basic Motions involved with this very natural technique.

  • Wrist Turns
  • The Up and Down Stroke
  • Flam Strokes
  • Rebounds
  • Drag Rudiments
  • Diddle Rudiments

latin funkThe Latin Funk Connection focuses on what I feel is the connection between funk and latin grooves.

  • DVD has four intensely musical chapters
  • PDF included of all the lessons and grooves.
  • DVD is 90 minutes in length.

You can order from this website.




Practical ApplicationsPractical Applications was named to Modern Drummer magazine's
Top 25 Drum Books of All Time.

  • 156 pages
  • Two one hour CDs
  • Ten rhythms covered
  • Modern drum set applications
  • Fill and Solo Ideas

The focus of the books and video is how to make you a better drummer by using rhythms which have stood the test of time.

You can order from this website.






Changuito bookThis book, written and produced with love and admiration, is primarily a teaching and learning tool. As such, you'll find most of the audio examples on the accompanying CD performed at slower than normal tempos. This has been done to make it easier to understand the complex interplay of hands, skins, and bells. There are many examples of "up to tempo" performances as well.

You can order from this website.








The FunkmastersIn this unique rhythm section workbook, 23 James Brown classics have been transcribed, broken down into individual lessons, and meticulously recreated on two one-hour CDs. Featuring legendary grooves from the guitarists, bassists, and drummers who ignited the Godfather of Soul for over three decades (including Jabo Starks, Bernard Odum, Clyde Stubblefield, Bootsy Collins, Jimmy Nolen, Country Kellum, and more), this book will enlighten and challenge your soul.

You can order from this website.








Practical Playalongs

Practical Playalongs was produced for those of you who want the experience of playing with authentic afro-caribean grooves.

You can order from this website.






The first of its kind video of four phenomenal Cuban drummers. Produced as a VHS product, it is now available as a digital download.

Also, you can order a DVD from this website. I produce the DVDs in my studio and ship them out to you.











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A  short lesson on a real basic but nice samba groove.







A  nice pattern I learned from Changuito








Clyde Stubblefield's great groove from Give It Up or Turnita Loose (Simulated Live Version)

Go here for another lesson.